Loss Recovery EA


The TTPro Trade Manager & Loss Recovery EA for MT4 is a Safety Net that converts loosing trades into a break-even or a slightly positive outcome through a unique hedging strategy.

Place a trade as usual, however where you would normally place a stop loss, the EA will recognise this as the recovery level and if the price moves to this level, the recovery mechanism will activate a pending order in the opposite direction to the initial trade. Depending on the direction of the market thereafter, the EA will either close at break even or continue activating a predefined number of pending orders until a Target is reached closing the basket of trades at break-even or combined profit.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Load the EA to the chart.
  • Edit the risk settings.
  • Start trading.
  • Let the EA manage the trades.

The EA will:

  • Close the trade if the Target is reached or..
  • Open a trade slightly larger than the initial trade in the opposite direction if price goes against you.
  • Continue the process until a target is reached.

The usage and configuration of the expert advisor is very easy.
It offers a complete trade management solution, from initial trade to closing at target or going into recovery mode to preserve your capital.

Re-visit this page soon as we will be enabling access to our TTPro TMLR (Trade Manager Loss Recovery) here in the near future.

Once launched, the TMLR EA will be $195 per month, however we are offering you a PRE LAUNCH FREE BONUS access to the EA when released (Jan 2020) if you subscribe to our Tradingview.com Indicators and Premium Trade Signals today – click here.

Note the payment button below is for testing purposes as the ea is not ready for release yet… do not use this to purchase:

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